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Rockwell Medical Featured in the Wall Street Journal


Rockwell Medical: Iron-Delivery Drug Meets Primary Endpoint Of Hemodialysis Study

By Melodie Warner
February 4, 2013

Rockwell Medical Inc. (RMTI) said a study showed soluble ferric pyrophosphate, its investigational iron-delivery drug, reduced the need of anemia treatments for hemodialysis patients while maintaining iron balance.

Shares were recently trading 20% higher at $7.72 as the biopharmaceutical company said a Prime clinical study showed that regular administration of SFP-iron via dialysate reduced the usage of erythropoietin stimulating agents during hemodialysis by 37.1% while maintaining iron balance and maximizing iron delivery.

The nine-month study evaluated dialysate containing SFP-iron versus conventional dialysate and met the primary endpoint of percent change in erythropoietin-stimulating-agents dose from baseline to end of treatment.

Rockwell, which targets treatments for end-stage renal disease and chronic kidney disease, said it expects efficacy results from the Phase 3 Cruise studies of SFP in the second-half of this year.


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